Jenelle Evans Reveals the Surprising Moment She Was Asked to Have Sex for the First Time

His grip on my hand slipped away,” Jenelle wrote. Jenelle Evans is ready to talk about sex.As the Teen Mom 2 star prepares for the release of her new memoir out July 25, E! As it turns out, the MTV star was not ready to take such a big step in the relationship.”He looked at his feet and didn’t say much else on the way home. “I had disappointed him by turning down his offer.” News has exclusively obtained another first look at the project.In one chapter, Jenelle looks back at the moment a past boyfriend propositioned her for sex.

Katy Perry Changes Her Lyrics About Taylor Swift–and Accidentally Rips Her Own Pants

As Katy Perry sings, “they know what is what.”We knew it was a major moment when the Grammy nominee took the stage Monday night for a Witness fan concert presented exclusively by YouTube in downtown Los Angeles—the finale to a four-day “Witness World Wide” livestream.Soon, it was time to perform her controversial hit, “Swish Swish,” which is rumored to be about Taylor Swift , with whom she’s been feuding for years. While she’s repeatedly denied the track is about the “Shake It Off” singer in particular, she made a notable change to her lyrics Monday night that gave the impression it really is.

Olaf’s Frozen Adventure: Watch the First Trailer for Disney’s Animated Short

The 21-minute featurette will feature four original songs by Kate Anderson and Elyssa Samsel. We’re thrilled to have our film play on the big screen with Coco during the holidays.” Similarly, Wermers-Skelton told E! In a statement, Deters said he and Wermers-Skelton “were deeply honored” to “create an all-new story with these characters we love. After Frozen debuted in 2013 and earned more than $1.27 billion globally, the film won two Academy Awards and a Golden Globe; the original voice cast is returning for the featurette, including Kristen Bell (Anna), Josh Gad (Olaf), Jonathan Groff (Kristoff) and Idina Menzel (Elsa).In Olaf’s Frozen Adventure, Olaf is on a mission to find the best holiday traditions for his friends. News, “We loved getting in the recording booth with these incredible actors, who know their characters inside and out…”

Steph Curry’s Daughters Were the Real Winners of the NBA Championship

The two youngsters were dressed in the team’s signature colors of gold and blue, complete with coordinating bows in their hair.  Move over, Golden State Warriors—two pint-sized winners have arrived. While it may have been dad Stephen Curry’s moment to shine Monday night with his teammates after winning the NBA finals, his two daughters, Riley, 4, and Ryan, 1, quickly stole his thunder just by being there. As the confetti fell, it was clear Riley and Ryan were the real stars of the show when they joined their famous dad on the court for a stream of charming post-win moments.

Kris Jenner Fears Her Grandchildren Will Be Bullied Because of Her Family’s Fame

“The oldest just turned 7, and my youngest is 6 months old, and they don’t have a choice. And I worry, I do, because it is such a bullying environment.”Moreover, following Kim’s terrifying Paris robbery in which she was bound and held at gunpoint, Kris’ other main concern is her family’s safety. She counsels everybody else,” Kris revealed. “Kim leads the pack, and she’s the queen of thick skin. “So if something happens in the family, she’s the first one you call.”However, Kris said it’s not the immediate Kardashian and Jenner siblings she worries about the most.”It’s my grandchildren who I worry about because I have six of them,” she said.

Elisha Cuthbert Tears Up When Tyler Henry Connects Her With Late Grandmother: “This Is Amazing”

Elisha tears up while Tyler is talking, but is glad to hear her grandma is OK with how she went.”So please note, her message to mom is like, ‘Let this go, I’m good, it’s fine, no one could’ve expected this,'” Tyler says.He then tells Elisha that her grandma “doesn’t come through knowing what killed her.”

Stevie Nicks Releases New Song for The Book of Henry: Listen to “Your Hand I Will Never Let It Go” Now

As his brainstormed rescue plan takes shape in more ways than one, Susan finds herself at the center of it.Jacob Tremblay and Maddie Ziegler also star in the film directed by Colin Trevorrow. The Book of Henry tells the story of a single mother named Susan (Naomi) who discovers a scheme in her son’s book to rescue a young girl from her abusive stepfather.

The Swim Shorts Every Celebrity Dad Is Wearing

“If in doubt, then something mid length, like our ever-popular OB Classic Bulldog, which is always a good starting point,” said the pro. Opt for “a shaped, flat waistband that sits higher at the back and slightly lower at the front rather than an elasticated waistband, which pinches in your sides and ultimately accentuates any stomach or mid-riff. The principles are no different for swimwear,” advised Adam. Navy, dark green, slate gray and black are always a safe bet whoever you are, as are most mid blues.” “If you have darker skin, then you can really celebrate something vivid. If you can move easily without much space then chances are the sizing is right.”It’s About Proportions: Not sure what length to get? Fit Is Everything: “A man of any shape—fat, thin, big bottom, small bottom, etc.—looks better in a traditional suit that fits him properly. A great, simple test is to see if when you try shorts on, you can get two fingers inside the top of the waistband. “A marker for a mid-length (6 inches in seam) short is fractionally above the halfway point between your knee and the start of your in-seam/between your legs.”Choose a Color Based on Skin Tone: “If you are naturally fair then perhaps avoid bright or neon hues, as they may make you look washed out,” warned Adam.

Bachelor in Paradise’s New Bartender Revealed to Be a Former Cast Member–and He’s Speaking Out

Please don’t perceive this as insensitive or accusatory in any way. My heart breaks for those that don’t share the same experiences. “I’ve been getting a lot of  questions about my take on @bachelorinparadise and I can only speak for my own experiences…so here goes nothin’,” he wrote. One of the most beautiful and genuine love stories unfolded in front of my eyes in paradise. Some of the greatest people I’ve gotten to spend time with(in front of and behind camera) happened in Paradise. I’m only describing my journey there and I’d ask before you pass any judgment or say hurtful things to anybody about this, you remember there is a lot unknown and untold. Understand that my perception and experience is only mine to tell, but it’s an honest one and one that I will cherish forever.” “Some of the greatest moments of my life happened in Paradise.

Leah Remini Says Taking Down the Church of Scientology Is Her ”Passion”

Leah Remini will not hold back when it comes to spilling her truth about the Church of Scientology.Not only has she written a book, but she also has a show on A&E called Scientology and the Aftermath, which she says is dedicated to revealing how the church is tearing families apart.She sat down with fellow reality show veterans Kris Jenner, RuPaul, W. People really had no idea.” Kamau Bell and SallyAnn Salsano for The Hollywood Reporter’s reality TV roundtable and openly discussed her passion for taking down the Church of Scientology.”The Church of Scientology has been in the news, but more so for fodder and a headline,” she began. “What we are trying to do is show that this is a real thing that’s tearing families apart.

13 Reasons Why Season 2 Officially Underway: Get Your First Look

Day one was great. S2. Ready to make some magic.” He followed that up with a thanks for fans, tweeting, “Thank you to everyone who wished us luck today. Fellow star Christian Navarro, who appeared as the enigmatic Tony, also let fans know he and the cast were back at it with a tweet on Monday that read, “Day One. We are gonna do our best to make something you can be proud of.”

Diplo Responds to Katy Perry’s Sex Ranking: ”I Don’t Even Remember Having Sex”

She ranked Diplo—who she dated for several months in 2014—as the worst followed by Orlando Bloom—her most recent boyfriend who she dated for about 10 months until earlier this year—and finally John Mayer—who she dated for three years until 2015—came out on top (no pun intended) as the best. Diplo is throwing shade Katy Perry’s way.In case you missed it, James Corden appeared as a special guest on Perry’s four-day “Witness World Wide” YouTube live stream (in promotion of her new album) during which he proceeded to play a Truth or Dare-like game with the singer.Corden asked Perry to rank three ex-lovers by how good they are in bed, from worst to best.

Whitney Houston’s Can I Be Me Documentary Trailer Shows the Dark Side of Fame

She died from a broken heart.” “Fame does.” Eventually, the trailer comes to a close with perhaps the most powerful line of all: “Whitney Houston died from a broken heart. “Success doesn’t change you,” she said. Various people who knew the late singer say things like, “Her favorite saying was ‘Can I be me?” and “Her rise to fame just took the wind out of her.” Another person said, “She never had this belief that she was this amazing person.” Ultimately, “The longer she stayed in it, the harder it was to get out.”A past interview with Whitney herself reveals how she really felt.

TV Scoop Awards: Vote for the Best Drama and Best Comedy Now!

Which show will succeed the sadly canceled Faking It as this year’s best comedy? Should Outlander win best drama a second year in a row? The TV Scoop Awards are upon us!To start things off in our annual quest to name the best that TV had to offer over the past year, we’re starting with two of the biggest categories of all: Best Comedy and Best Drama. Which shows ruled over all of TV in your opinion? PT on Friday, June 30, which means you have plenty of time to vote for all your favorites. The only way to know is for you to vote!These polls, along with the others that will be launched each day for the next two weeks, will remain open until 5 p.m.

5 Things to Know About Ryan Cooper, the Super Hunky Dead Stripper in Rough Night

Therefore, we did a little digging, and here are five facts about the 31-year-old hottie with a body… Rough Night comes out on Friday, and while we’re stoked to see Scarlett Johansson, Kate McKinnon, Zoë Kravitz, Jillian Bell and Ilana Glazer get together for the hilarious flick, there’s someone else in the movie who’s piqued our interest…Ladies and gentlemen, introducing Ryan Cooper.The actor takes center stage in the film, playing the hunky stripper the five best friends hire for Johansson’s bachelorette party. However, things take a dark turn when the girls accidentally end up killing him and are left figuring out how to cover it up.Meanwhile, the film leaves the audience wanting to know—and, admittedly, see—more of Cooper.