Iggy Azalea Share Some Breakup Advice With Her Fans

Iggy Azalea is sharing some breakup advice with her fans and Nick Young probably typed and deleted his response already.

The “Fancy” rapper broke up with the NBA player last year in a bitter split and now we have a good idea how she handled the breakup. Over the weekend, she took to Twitter to share her perfect plan of action for anyone going through a breakup. Her situation might be a lot different than some folks since her ex-boyfriend made a whole human with his baby mama while he was with Iggy, so you can imagine how salty she is.

“If you’re gonna burn someones stuff start with the cheap shit and end with the expensive sh*t,” she wrote on Twitter. “Cheap sh*ts more flammable anyway; and then if you take him back mid fight theres less to complain about. Youre welcome. Im a pro.”

Last year June, Iggy Azalea was spotted moving out all her stuff from Nick Young’s home including taking back her 62 Impala which was hauled off on a wrecker. “Unfortunately although I love Nick and have tried and tried to rebuild my trust in him — it’s become apparent in the last few weeks I am unable to,” she wrote on IG.

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Gucci Mane Might Want To Stay Out Of The Hood Another Rapper Warns

Gucci Mane made a visit to his hood recently and it stirred up a lot of bad blood.

The East Atlanta Santa posted a photo of himself leaving a convenience store in Bouldercrest over the Christmas holiday. He was wearing a Gucci tracksuit and carrying a scratch-off lottery ticket in one hand, but it’s his caption that got the most attention. “Face I make when they say Guwop don’t run Bouldercrest like #ElGato,” he wrote. He also posted another photo of himself inside the convenience store where he wrote, “At the Texaco on Bouldercrest I sold nicks and dimes at as a teenager.”

Another rapper from the East Atlanta neighborhood, Young Nudy, fired off a shot on Instagram basically saying that he is the one who locks down Bouldercrest. “Last time I checked #PDE #Run #Bouldercrest We Don’t No buddy He don’t Be in the hood Dats A big CAP I got the hold #Bouldercrest #and #Eastatlant #mygucci #voice,” Nudy wrote.

Gucci Mane released an album in December last year titled “The Return of East Atlanta Santa” where he paid homage to his hood.

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Wyclef Jean Explains Why He Likes Vybz Kartel So Much, Talks Reggae Influence Globally

Wyclef Jean is a big fan of Vybz Kartel and here is why he has so much respect for the incarcerated dancehall icon.

Clef is currently in Jamaica for the upcoming Shaggy and Friends benefit concert this weekend in Kingston. But before he graced the stage, he had a sit down with Winford Williams on OnStage where he opened up about local talents and the heavy usage of reggae/dancehall in mainstream music currently. Despite the heavy sampling of Jamaican music by international acts, very few local artists are making it to the mainstream like Shaggy and Sean Paul did.

“Do you know why I like Vybz Kartel so much,” Wyclef said. “Because he understands this, at the end of the day right, if I can’t sell you a CD right now and you said man Clef can’t sell music no more but guess what I know I can sell you for sure, a Wyclef guitar.”

The former Fugee frontman spoke at length about Caribbean artists talent and their need to understand the music business fully in order to push their careers to the top. “This is what I want kids to understand, the music business is a 360, when you coming in now create a brand, do not be just an artist no more, become a brand,” he said.

Wyclef Jean also spoke about his new album Carnival 3, going on tour next year, and his presidential bid for Haiti. He started out by clearing up some rumors about his foundation Yele Haiti after a New York-based state attorney conducted an investigation over financial irregularities. Clef said that the whole investigation was a smear campaign to take down his presidential bid. The entire interview was well received with the music icon opening up about a lot of topics. You can see him live this weekend at Shaggy and Friends on the lawns of Jamaica House.

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Tech N9ne – How I’m Feeling Lyrics

[Nave Monjo]:
This is how im feeling
This is how im feeling
This is how im feeling

[Tech N9ne]:
This is how I’m feeling
That Bou Lou gonna give me a billion
In Shah La run it back with the willing
I’m gonna be off on an island chilling
I came a long way from the dealing
And I still run with the 5-6 villain
We live life like it ain’t no ceilings
Never been a liver to take a killing
I feel like breakdancing
Cause I got every bitch in the place straight glancing
While they next to their lover looking at me hate stancing
But I’m always with niggas like a fake clansman
How I’m feeling is people keep using identical syllables
Switch it up a little bit I’m feeling that off on this planet is the only one feelable
To the masses perhaps to the people I’m no mariah since the umbilical
I’m just a rapper that happens to kill a rope
When I be clapping to kill it all so

[Nave Monjo]:
Did it all on purpose
Step into your building to make you nervous
Better cuff your bitch cause she lurking
Spilling all these drinks I purchase
Hey something real strange
When I look around I see real things
If you make it out your feelings

Uncle Murda – Rap Up 2017 Lyrics

Oh it’s that time of year again
The wrap up
Ayo, nobody wanna hear Mad Skillz Shit
Don’t Come Outside
My new mixtape out right now
GMG ATM is the unit
Lenny Grant

Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these niggas
So Ima talk about it
Crazy, crazy
Shit crazy
Crazy, crazy
Shit cr-

[Verse 1]
Nicki and Meek dead
Now it’s Nas and Nicki
I’m just happy Usher ain’t give that herpes to Chilli
Meek got a 2 to 4 for popping a wheelie
It’s crazy, even Drake said
“Free Meek Milly”
Free Meek
Safaree don’t feel bad for him
Meek and ‘em almost beat his ass but he was too fast for him
Kaepernick spoke to Meek Mill
That’s dope
Tell Nicki Minaj brother
“Don’t drop the soap”
Remy got at Nicki ass like
“What you got in them jeans?”
Remy won but for now
Nicki still the queen
Cardi B on the hills though
I know Nick feeling it
3 records on the Billboard
Cardi be killing it
You ain’t gotta say it Nicki I know
You been doing that
Cardi got a long way to go
It was dope seeing Remy and Kim link
Ayo K Michelle
Your pussy still stink
Jay Z confessed to cheating on Beyoncé
And he finally threw some shots back at Kanye
Jay know Kanye ain’t ‘bout that violence
For my nigga prodigy
Let’s have a moment of silence
(Queens stand up)
These sluts is still winning man
Salute to these hoes
21 Savage wifed Up Amber Rose
Playboy Carti wifed up Black Chyna
She had hundreds of niggas in and out her vagina
Kevin Hart cheated and that shit got recorded
Apologized on Instagram cause he was getting extorted
I was mad Soulja Boy and Chris Brown didn’t fight
Migos and Joe Budden almost got into a fight
Do it look like I was left of Bad and Boujee?
Yeah it was Offset, Quavo And Lil Uzi
Niggas tried to hit Young Dolph with a hundred shots
He was in the bullet proof truck like, “that’s all y’all got?”
He was laughing
Watching bullets bounce off the glass
Second time around no
Them niggas shot his ass
Niggas get shot everyday
That nigga tough
That’s my nigga
He gon’ call me like
“Yo, you play too much.”
A Boogie and them stomped out Lil B
I was mad they ain’t have Timbs on like MOP

Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these niggas
So Ima talk about it
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy
Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these niggas
So Ima talk about it
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy
Crazy crazy

[Verse 2]
Bobby V, you like trannies
No need to front about it
You ain’t come out the closet yet
But got caught coming out it
You and Yung Joc been gay for mad long
You probably payed for that dress that he had on
Tyrese broke
How he don’t got no paper?
Nigga tried to borrow 5 mill from Will and Jada
Cried on the Gram when he ain’t get to see his child
R Kelly kidnapping girls
He still a pedophile
You R&B niggas is ill
Usher got an STD you can’t cure with a pill
This is so disrespectful, ain’t it?
Wendy husband cheated
That’s why you fainted
You in that bikini Wendy
That’s why he doing that
Your body look like ugh
Where the fuck is your booty at?
OJ home
He ain’t black
I don’t give a fuck
Free my nigga Brown, Ra Diggs
Free Tut
White people
Look at all the shit they be doing
Rest in peace to all them victims in that Las Vegas shooting
Lil white kid got 6 months for rape
But Meek got a 2 to 4 for a non-violent case
This other white kid had us all feeling bad
Then them pictures came out with them confederate flags
Oh now we understand fully
You was calling kids nigga
That’s why you was getting bullied
Donald Trump still spreading that hatred
Made Harvey Weinstein look like a rapist
I’ll believe all them girls that made a statement
Damn Russell Simmons facing rape allegations
Please Russell, tell me it’s nonsense
And you ain’t been doing yoga to clear your guilty conscience
Nelly caught a rape charge
Case got dropped
Prosecution and the judge and believe that thot
Half of Hollywood got caught up in that rape shit
Lonzo Ball can’t ball
He ain’t shit
Like his father
I’m just being real with him
I Know Nike happy
They ain’t do that deal with him
Wanna sell sneakers
Lonzo get your stats up
You had a lot of hype
But your numbers don’t match up
Durant got a ring but that shit don’t count
He was riding the wave
That Steph Curry house
Westbrook won the MVP like hello
Now he getting some help from Paul George and Melo
Kyrie left Lebron James in Cleveland
He wanted be the man
That’s his reason for leaving
48 Laws of Power, first chapter
Kyrie never try to outshine the master
Phil Jackson got fired
Kobe got both his jerseys retired
Lamar Odom still having a hard life
Derek Fisher still fucking Matt Barnes wife
The NFL a new KKK clique
Look how them owners done block Kaepernick
Tell Martin Luther
“Puff got a dream.”
Them crackers ain’t letting Puff buy no football team
They ain’t even let Kaepernick be a backup
They know you a good businessman
But you black Puff
I’m sounding like Stephen A. Smith y’all
Check me out
Floyd Mayweather took too long to knock McGregor out
Think Floyd give a fuck about that?
He got 300 million and he 50 and 0

Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these niggas
So Ima talk about it
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy
Crazy crazy

[Verse 3]
The kid with all the Xs in his name got knocked out
On stage
Usher 1 STD away from getting AIDS
My mouth reckless
Khloe and Kim K [?] get pregnant
Kylie Jenner having Travis Scott baby
I know that boy Tyga feeling crazy
He been so irrelevant since the breakup
It’s been good seeing Cameron and Jim Jones make up
Ma$e verse Cam
Harlem, how you like that?
Niggas was just hype to see Ma$e finally fight back
Oracle was cool but it wasn’t no Ether
Ma$e going to hell for acting like he a preacher
The 2Pac movie was wack
Ask Kevin Hart
Maino shooting 2Pac up was my favorite part
Starz gave 50 a hundred mil
He put me in a Bruce Willis movie
Shit getting real
Lil Bow Wow been doing the most
That nigga wasn’t on a jet
He was on Jet Blue and coast
Tell Mother Nature to suck a dick
She got hurricanes out here fucking up shit
Houston, Puerto Rico, we with y’all
Trump sold the whole country
He ain’t shit y’all
Trae tha Truth was out in Houston with the people
Trump throwing papers towels like It was a free throw
In Puerto Rico
America, we gotta do better
I wish we could kill Trump and bring back Hugh Hefner
Donald Trump is a crazy cracker
Flex was on the Gram arguing with a dead rapper
He was telling 2Pac that he lied
And got real emotional
Funk Flex even cried
I ain’t gon’ talk about the chick situation
Me and his wife already had that conversation
I’m still the most underrated rapper
I came up off Bitcoin so that shit don’t matter
I’m in the crib like
“What else Ima write ‘bout?
Oh yeah
Amorosa got kicked out the White House
Terrorists been popping up in New York lately
Nigga blew hisself up by mistake
Shit crazy
Janet Jackson turned 50
Had her first baby
Khaled all over Instagram with his first baby
Beyoncé had twins with Shawn Carter
Serena Williams had a baby
I think Drake is the father
I had a baby
Can’t wait ‘til i see him walk
Pharrell had triplets
Enough of that baby talk
Back to that street shit
Niggas don’t feel me
Taxstone got locked up and pleaded guilty
“Why you ain’t help him?”
I ain’t come with that nigga
We ain’t cool like that but it’s free Tax nigga
We don’t wish jail on niggas
Free Tax nigga
Rest In Peace Combat Jack nigga
Tell Mad Skillz
Niggas is through it
I ain’t really want Ghost and Kanan Getting cool again
Tyreke killed Ray Ray on Power
Tommy fucking Lala
We saw her titties on Power
Gucci got married
Cardi B got engaged
Young Buck choke some nigga out backstage
Post Malone wanna be black
He getting rap money but he tryna downplay rap
Paul Rosenberg called him out on that
I hope G-Eazy don’t do nothing stupid like that
Where my bitches at that’s Bad and Boujee?
Chris Brown and Quavo almost fought over Karrueche
Joe Budden left Everyday Struggle
That contract they gave you basically said
“Fuck You”
Teka$hi 6ix9ine came out of nowhere
He litt
He from Brooklyn and he got rainbow hair
LouGotCash got a deal
New York shit
Ace’s got closed down but Lust still litt
Mariah Carey broke up with that billionaire
She kept that 10 million dollar ring
She ain’t playing fair
I’m off this
Enough was said here
I’ll be back throwing niggas under the bus next year

Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these niggas
So Ima talk about it
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy
Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these niggas
So Ima talk about it
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy
Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these niggas
So Ima talk about it
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy
Y’all know what happened
Y’all still want me to talk about it
I ain’t cool with these niggas
So Ima talk about it
Crazy crazy
Shit crazy

Zedd – Stache (High Princess) Lyrics

Princess die high
Princess high die
Where’s my stache?
Want to get high guy
I need my
Have you seen my
I can’t find my

Where’s my stache?
Can you feed my love
Can you feed my love
Where’s my stache?
Where’s my stache?
High princess

There’s no exit, we’re in Jean-Paul Sartre
Hope you don’t think my obsession is awkward

[beat break]

Princess high die
Princess die high
Princess high die
Princess die high

There’s no particular thing that I want
There’s no particular drug that I love
But when I can’t find my stache I give up
I need to deal with myself and get better


Where’s my stache?
DJ Zedd, Anton turn it up
Let’s party, let’s get messed up
Let’s get messed up
Let’s get messed up
You’re so messed up
Psychotic music head

50 Pop Culture Events Guaranteed to Get You Excited for 2018

Ladies and gentlemen, get those crisp, empty calendars out!

The time has finally come to say goodbye to the highs and lows of 2017 and hello to a new and totally cool 2018.

As pop culture super fans at E! News, we wanted to help celebrity lovers get pumped for the brand-new year. What better way to accomplish that goal than to create a handy guide of the movies, TV shows, concerts and trends coming sooner rather than later?

From Beyoncé‘s highly anticipated headlining performance at the Coachella Music Festival this April to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle‘s fairytale wedding in May, we’ve got you covered in our gallery below.

So sit back, forget about those resolutions and get excited for what’s to come in the year ahead.

Tamar Braxton’s Ex Vincent Herbert and Laura Govan Deny Baby Rumors

After Tamar Braxton announced that a woman told her that estranged husband Vincent Herbert got her pregnant, fans on Twitter pointed the finger at Basketball Wives L.A. star Laura Govan.

But she says they got the wrong woman and accuses her own ex, former NBA star Gilbert Arenas, for allegedly making the claims in the first place.

“The allegations from Gilbert Arenas are completely false and couldn’t be further from the truth,” Govan said in a statement to E! News on Sunday, adding, “I empathize with Tamar and I wish her healing. I have no issues towards Tamar or Vince, because I know who actually started all of this. I just pray that they leave me out of this, because I have really tried to stay to myself this entire year and moving forward.”

TMZ also reported that Govan says she is not pregnant and has never been with Herbert.

When asked if he got Govan pregnant, Herbert told a paparazzo, “Not true at all,” as seen in a video posted on TMZ on Sunday.

Mariah Carey Is All Smiles As She Rehearses for New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Comeback

Earlier in the week, Mariah was celebrating the holidays with Bryan in Aspen during her annual trip to the ritzy Colorado vacation town. The pair held hands as they checked out local shop Kemo Sabe together.

Hopefully the superstar got in enough down time to kick things up a notch tonight.

The world is waiting with bated breath…

Camila Cabello, Shawn Mendes and Nick Jonas Wow at New Year’s Rockin’ Eve

Camila Cabello brought her sultry moves to Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With Ryan Seacrest on Sunday night, giving a rousing performance of her hit song, “Havana.” Sadly, she couldn’t bring some of the actual heat from Havana to warm up the chilly New York weather.

The 20-year-old did bring her vocal prowess to the freezing people of New York City, who waited in the cold to see the sultry performer and many others on the long-running show hosted by Ryan Seacrest and Jenny McCarthy.

Cabello hit the stage on the East Coast on a line up that included Nick Jonas, Sugarland and Mariah Carey, who are are set to perform for the masses in Times Square.

Mariah Carey Makes Her Triumphant Return to New Year’s Rockin’ Eve With a Medley and a Joke

After last year’s epic mishap and ensuing drama on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacrest, Mariah Carey made sure she made a big comeback for this year’s second chance—and she did not disappoint!

The big-voiced singer razzled and dazzled during her New Year’s Eve performance on Sunday night, singing not one, but two songs for the freezing crowd. 

The notorious diva wowed with her glittering medley of “Vision of Love” and “Hero” and even made a joke at her own expense, saying to the audience that the night was a “disaster” because she didn’t have her hot tea.

“They told me there would be hot tea,” she quipped.