Jessica Chastain Shows Jimmy Fallon What It’s Like to Have a Female Role

“I barely got to speak there.”

That’s right, Jimmy Fallon. When it comes to men and women in film, there’s clearly an imbalance—one his Thursday night guest Jessica Chastain is trying to prevent. 

“Female roles have been so underwritten, especially compared to male roles,” the Molly’s Game star told the late-night host and his audience. So, to demonstrate the need for better female representation specifically in film and television, the two decided to read some scenes, except Fallon would play the female role and the Golden Globe winner would play the male role. 

In the first scene, the two played a man and woman who bumped into each other on the street, but you barely get to hear from the woman because the man speaks the entire time, waxing poetic as the woman stands silently listening. Needless to say, the point was all too clear. 

James Franco Will Attend the 2018 SAG Awards Amid Scandal

James Franco, it turns out, plans to attend the 2018 SAG Awards Sunday.

Despite the recent accusations of sexual misconduct made against the actor, Franco’s rep confirmed to CNN that he will be one of 1,278 attendees at 86 tables in the Shrine Auditorium. Franco, who recently won a Golden Globe for his role in The Disaster Artist, is nominated once again in the Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Leading Role category.

Franco skipped the 2018 Critics’ Choice Awards, where he won the award for Best Actor in a Comedy, after multiple women accused him of sexual misconduct in The Los Angeles Times. A few of the women who were featured in the newspaper previously slammed Franco on Twitter.

As always, the SAG-AFTRA committee handles tricky seating issues delicately. “We’re always conscious of relationships. We particularly like the positive ones, where we get to put people who might be in two different casts but might have a very positive relationship or be married or be engaged or be in love closer together,” the annual award show’s executive producer, Kathy Connell, told USA Today earlier in the week. “So, we’re always cognizant of who’s in our room.”

Why a Dawson’s Creek Reunion Is Probably Never Going to Happen (and That’s a Good Thing)

And you know what? We agree, especially because Joey ended up with Pacey, so why mess with perfection?!

Back in 2015, Katie Holmes (aka Joey Potter) also questioned the need for a revival. “

“I don’t know,” she said in a Yahoo Style interview. “Does it work today? I don’t want them to grow up. It’s kind of like your parents, they never get out of their 50s. That’s where they are.”

Manolo Vergara Sobs After His Newly Adopted Dog Is Tragically Killed

Manolo Gonzalez Vergara is mourning the unexpected death of his newly adopted dog, Mamacita. The 25-year-old shared the heartfelt news on his Instagram Story. 

“We were walking to the vet, and she got startled, and she ran away and got hit by a car,” Sofia Vergara‘s son says sobbing. “Mamacita died.” 

Manolo and Mamacita had only been together for a couple of days, but it was clear that he was over the moon to have her in his life. Three days ago he posted a video of himself in his car as Mamacita sat shotgun and looked out the window. “Say hello to Mamacita, everyone,” wrote.

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino Pleads Guilty in Tax Fraud Case

Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has pleaded guilty to a charge of tax evasion and faces a maximum sentence of five years in jail.

The 36-year-old Jersey Shore star’s 38-year-old brother Marc Sorrentino, who has worked with him, pleaded guilty to aiding in the preparation of a false and fraudulent tax return and faces up to three years behind bars, New Jersey’s District Attorney’s Office said in a statement obtained by E! News. The two pleaded guilty at a New Jersey court on Friday.

“What the defendants admitted to today, quite simply, is tantamount to stealing money from their fellow taxpayers,” U.S. Attorney Carpenito said. “All of us are required by law to pay our fair share of taxes. Celebrity status does not provide a free pass from this obligation.”

The court approved Mike’s request to travel to Florida for the Jersey Shore Family Vacation reunion show while under probation. Sentencing is set for April 25.

Last year, he and brother Marc Sorrentino, who worked with him, pleaded not guilty after being indicted for tax evasion, structuring and falsifying records, which followed a 2014 indictment for other tax offenses, in which federal prosecutors accused them of failing to pay taxes on $8.9 million in earnings.

Chrissy Teigen Poses in Nothing but Maternity Shapewear

Chrissy Teigen gave fans an up-close look at her pregnancy style on Thursday. The supermodel shared a Snapchat video of her getting ready for Lip Sync Battle LIVE and wearing just her maternity shapewear. 

“Lip Sync Battle LIVE, baby!” Teigen said, covering her chest as her squad got her ready. “Tricks of the trade—little tape, little tape.”

Followers could also see the supermodel’s growing baby bump on full display.

The co-host ended up wearing a black, long-sleeve dress with a high slit for the evening.

From rehearsal to the red carpet, Teigen captured all of the night’s big moments on social media. 

“We are going live. I’m so excited—I love going live,” she in a video during the show’s rehearsal. “I hope I don’t say anything wrong.”

GLAAD Media Awards 2018: Complete List of Nominations

This year’s GLAAD Media Award nominations have officially arrived! 

Transparent’s Trace Lysette 13 Reasons Why star Wilson Cruz announced the 29th annual group of nominees Friday, including those for the newest category, Outstanding Kids & Family Programming category, which is meant to recognize growing LGBTQ inclusion in all-ages programming.

Among the year’s contenders are this award season’s silver screen favorites like Call Me by Your Name and Lady Bird, small screen standouts like This Is Us and The Handmaid’s Tale and music stars like Miley Cyrus and Sam Smith.

Jay-Z received special recognition for his 4:44 track, “Smile,” as well as In a Heartbeat, the animated short written and directed by Esteban Bravo and Beth David

The annual ceremonies are meant to honor media for its accurate, fair and inclusive representation of the LGBTQ community and the issues members face. Additional, the awards fund GLAAD’s continuous work toward achieving acceptance for the LGBTQ community. The GLAAD Media Awards ceremonies will be held in Los Angeles on April 12 and in New York on May 5.

Without further ado, here are this year’s nominees: 

Colin Firth Vows to Never Work With Woody Allen Again

Colin Firth says he will not work again with Woody Allen, becoming the first male actor to make such a definitive vow after the director’s estranged adopted daughter Dylan Farrow revisited her accusations of childhood sexual abuse against him.

Woody, who had directed the British Oscar-winning star in the 2014 film Magic in the Moonlight, has not responded to his remarks. He has repeatedly denied Dylan’s accusations.

“I wouldn’t work with him again,” Firth told The Guardian when asked about it on Thursday, the same day Dylan gave her first televised interview accusing the director of sexually assaulting her when she was 7, in 1992, the year he and her mother Mia Farrow split.

I am credible, and I am telling the truth, and I think it’s important that people realize that one victim, one accuser, matters,” Dylan, who had previously detailed her allegations in print press interviews, told CBS This Morning‘s Gayle King. “And that they are enough to change things.”

Woody denied the latest allegations in a statement to CBS News.

Aly Raisman Gives Powerful Victim-Impact Statement Against Larry Nassar

Aly Raisman appeared in court on Friday to give her victim-impact statement against former U.S. Gymnastics doctor Larry Nassar, who is accused of sexually abusing over 100 people.

Just months ago in Nov. 2017, Raisman accused Nassar of sexually abusing her. And today, Raisman spoke directly to Nassar in a Michigan courtroom.

“Larry you do realize now this group of women are now a force and you are nothing,” the 23-year-old U.S. Olympian said in court on Friday. “Tables have turned, we are here, we have our voices and we are not going anywhere, now it’s time for you to listen to me.”

20 Surprising Facts You Probably Didn’t Know About Dawson’s Creek

Selma Blair Was Almost Joey: Before Katie Holmes was cast in the role that would make her America’s girl next door, Blair was this close to landing the role. “Joe was written to be a tomboy and everyone was coming in being very much a tomboy. We were very close to going with Selma Blair, who was amazing,” Williamson said to THR. “She read it very tough, with a lot of heart.” However, once he saw Holmes on tape, with “those two big eyes,” Williamson knew he had his Joey. 

Joshua Jackson Was Almost Dawson: Williamson liked Jackson so much he didn’t care what role he took. “I fell in love with Josh Jackson because he could read any role, Dawson or Pacey,” he told THR. “But something wasn’t complete and that’s when the network said they didn’t see Josh as Dawson, and rightfully so. So, I went, “OK, he’s Pacey,” because I knew I wanted him in the show no matter what.

Charlie Hunnam Auditioned: The Sons of Anarchy star auditioned for a role on the WB drama, and while he didn’t land the part, he did meet his ex-wife Katherine Towne at his 1999 audition, marrying her three weeks later. 

Meghan Markle Has Officially Picked Her Wedding Dress Designer

“Harry made himself scarce, giving the girls plenty of private time to kind of have their meetings with the designers and, of course, choose other wedding elements,” the royal reporter dished. “Harry’s kind of made it clear that he wants to make this about Meghan.”

But Jessica’s time with Meghan has been spent on more than just her dress.

“Alongside dress planning, Jessica is guiding Meghan through a number of wedding day details, helping pull together ideas and resources from her impressive contacts book,” our insider tells us.

Scobie paralleled that note, telling GMA, “Jessica Mulroney has a rich history when it comes to…wedding planning and bridal styling. It’s not just the dress she’s involved in. She’s actually helping with a number of elements for the big day and I think Meghan is really relying heavily on her expertise and a lot of the decision she has to make, and there are many.”

In fact, the royal reporter says Jessica’s daughter, Ivy, will be the flower girl in the wedding. Prince William and Kate Middleton‘s daughter, Princess Charlotte, is also reportedly set to be a flower girl, while their son, Prince George, will be a page boy.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Name Baby No. 3 Chicago West

“I don’t know if my son gets it yet. Especially since I don’t have the belly, it is a different experience,” Kim shared, adding that North was “really excited” to meet the baby. 

It’s unclear when Kim and Kanye decided on the newborn’s name, but it’s quite possible they waited further into their surrogate’s pregnancy or even held off on choosing until they met their daughter. E! News previously learned that both mom and dad were in the delivery room when their surrogate gave birth, and Kardashian was the first to have skin-to-skin contact with the baby. 

“North and Saint are very excited about having a new sister and are very curious and helpful,” the source said. “Kim is feeling blessed and can’t believe she has three kids.”

Lorde Weighs in on the #MeToo Movement and Amplifying Women of Color’s Voices

In January 2017, Lorde issued a tweet: “These old men in power have a storm coming, the likes of which they cannot comprehend.” 

A year later, it seems that prophecy has been realized in the form of the #MeToo Movement, in which women continue to come forward publicly with allegations against powerful men in a variety of industries. The resulting national reckoning has ignited the Time’s Up initiative, championed by leading women in Hollywood working to establish equality for women in all workplaces and rid society of sexual harassment and assault. 

So, what does Lorde have to say about everything that’s happened since that standout tweet? “My prophetic tweet!” she told Billboard with a laugh. Jokes aside, the star thinks the results are crucial. “What is really interesting and important about this moment is that every man I know is having to check himself—having to be aware of his misogynistic biases, having to re-examine his understanding of consent. I think that is so overdue and so vital,” she told the magazine. “It’s the kind of thing that only comes about when people are brave enough to share and really bring these dudes down. I think every woman is like, ‘Oh, my God, it’s happening.'” 

Ja Rule Claps Back in 50 Cent Feud: “I Own Your Soul”

Ja Rule went on a Twitter rant on Friday after 50 Cent reignited their longtime feud.

It all started when 50 Cent sat down for an interview on REAL 92.3 L.A.’s Big Boy Neighborhood with O’Shea Jackson Jr. and Pablo Schreiber. Jackson Jr. was the one who brought up the topic of Ja Rule.

“I told 50 when I met him, ‘I like Ja Rule.'” I  was a fan. I digged it. I was into it,” he said, causing 50 Cent to laugh. “[50 Cent] came out, threw that CD right out my grandma’s car.” 

The host then asked 50 Cent if he’s seen Ja Rule recently and if they’ve had any “on-sight type stuff.”

“I done put him to bed,” 50 Cent said at one point.

Clearly, the remark set Ja Rule off on Twitter.

“Fun hip-hop FACT: @50cent is P–SY…” he tweeted.

When a follower asked whether Ja Rule really wanted to go down this road again, the artist replied, “Yeah I do @50cent got beat up, stabbed and shot what do you remember???”

“Let’s be clear I mind my business… but for some reason @50cent keeps my name in his mouth… I think he’d rather have my dick in his mouth lmao…,” he added along with the hashtag #ticklebooty.

Kim Cattrall Names Her Top Replacements for Samantha in Sex and the City 3

Kim Cattrall won’t be in Sex and the City 3, but she will share who she thinks should play Samantha in the next movie!

The actress took to Twitter to react to former co-star Sarah Jessica Parker‘s suggestion earlier this week that Ellen DeGeneres should play Samantha.

While talking about Cattrall not returning for the third film, DeGeneres asked Parker if they could do it without her.

“There’s a period of grief, a mourning process, and then perhaps we’ll be able to consider, say for instance, you playing Samantha,” Parker, who stars as Carrie Bradshaw in SATC, told DeGeneres on Wednesday’s episode of The Ellen Show.