Eric Roberts Reflects on His Estrangement From Julia Roberts

The Roberts family’s drama isn’t limited to the big screen.

Eric Roberts estrangement from Julia Roberts ended 14 years ago, and now, the 61-year-old actor is discussing their rift in detail in the new issue of Vanity Fair. Despite their 10-year age difference, the famous siblings were once inseparable. But, after Eric began having issues with drug and alcohol abuse—and split with actress Kelly Cunningham—Julia finally had enough. In fact, she even helped fund Kelly’s legal fees in her custody dispute over a young Emma Roberts.

Looking back on it now, Eric tells the magazine, “I wouldn’t characterize it as a falling-out. I was crazy about my sisters. Loved them, adored them. They were precious to me, and we had times of great closeness. We all felt very protective of each other, but the hardest person to protect yourself from is yourself.” As Eric tells it, his longtime drug use took a toll on his younger sister. “I was exhausting to be around: complainy, blamey, unable to enjoy enjoyment,” the actor admits. “Everyone in my world needed a break sometimes, and that must have included Julia.”

Lorde Thanks Fans for Supporting Female Artists in Handwritten Newspaper Ad

Lorde took out an ad in the newspaper The New Zealand Herald featuring a handwritten note about her 2018 Grammys nomination.

Shayne Currie, managing editor of the newspaper’s media company NZME, shared a picture of the advertisement on Twitter Tuesday. 

“Oh, hi there!” the note reads. “I’m writing this from New York City. [My brother] Angelo and I sat in Madison Square Garden last night and saw a lot of crazy and wonderful things. I just wanted to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for loving and embracing Melodrama the way you did. My nomination belongs to you. Thank you, also, for believing in female musicians. You set a beautiful precedent. All my love, Lorde.”

Kate Middleton Wears Houndstooth Coat Resembling Princess Diana’s During Stockholm Visit

Kate Middleton and Prince William are on day two of their royal tour of Sweden and Norway.

The Duke of Duchess of Cambridge, who are expecting their third child together, visited the Karolinska Institute on Wednesday morning in Stockholm. The couple was accompanied by Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel for the visit.

“This morning will focus on Sweden’s pioneering work in the field of mental health and children’s wellbeing, and how children and young teenagers are supported through the Swedish education system,” Kensington Palace tweeted on Wednesday.

William and Kate were then spotted arriving at Matteusskolan, a school where the Youth Aware of Mental Health program operates.

Justin Timberlake Urged to Keep Super Bowl Halftime Show Kid-Friendly After “Nipplegate”

Court battles were launched over the Timberlake-Jackson incident, also dubbed “Nipplegate.” In 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court ruled to throw out a federal agency’s $550,000 indecency fine against CBS for airing the “wardrobe malfunction” during the 2004 Super Bowl.

CBS had forced Jackson to release a video apology over “Nipplegate.”

My decision to change the Super Bowl performance was made after the final rehearsal,” she said. “MTV, CBS [and] the NFL had no knowledge of this whatsoever and unfortunately, the whole thing went wrong in the end. I am really sorry if I offended anyone. That was truly not my intention.”

“Justin was supposed to pull away the rubber bustier to reveal a red lace bra,” her rep said at the time. “The garment collapsed and her breast was accidentally revealed.”

One Day at a Time Stars Talk Filming That Emotional Season 2 Finale

Though the season ultimately had a happy ending, with Lydia pulling through and making it to her naturalization ceremony, finally becoming an American citizen alongside Canadian ex-pat Schneider (Todd Grinnell), it was certainly a nerve-wracking episode—especially when Lydia’s beloved Berto (Tony Plana) arrived for one last dance before taking her to the great beyond. When she finally told him “Not yet,” the screams of relief from the studio audience only echoed our screams of relief at home. 

While we were biting our nails at home, the players involved were being put through the wringer as well. “It was a heavy week on set for me,” Isabella Gomez, whose Elena shared one of the more emotional moments of the episode at Lydia’s bedside, told E! News at Netflix’s 2018 Q1 junket in NYC. “Justina Machado‘s a genius and she has her emotions right here and she’s just like, ‘And sad! And angry! And I’m this way!’ For me, I have this weird thing where once I process the scene too much, I can’t do it anymore. When it’s that emotional, it’s like my body shuts down and it’s like, ‘You’re hurting yourself.’ So it was a weird combination of ‘I want to rehearse this as much as I can, but I also want to make sure it’s fresh for the audience.’ And it was also so hard to watch everybody else, so it was a hard week.”

Tom Hardy Finally Gets “Leo Knows All” Tattoo After Losing a Bet to Leonardo DiCaprio

Tom Hardy appears to be a man of his word.

The actor tattooed “Leo knows all” on his arm after losing a bet to Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to a 2016 article by Esquire, Hardy and DiCaprio made a bet over who would receive an Oscar nomination for The Revenant. DiCaprio predicted Hardy would get the Best Actor in a Supporting Role nod while Hardy predicted he wouldn’t. The stakes? A tattoo featuring the name of the winner’s choosing. DiCaprio won the bet. 

So, what did the Titanic star want Hardy to get? 

“He wrote, in this really shitty handwriting: ‘Leo knows everything.'” Hardy told Esquire. “Ha! I was like, ‘OK, I’ll get it done, but you have to write it properly.'”

Just a few days ago, a fan photo surfaced showing Hardy’s new ink.

Here’s What Michelle Obama Was Thinking During That Awkward Gift Exchange With Melania Trump

Michelle Obama is sharing her thoughts on that awkward gift exchange with Melania Trump in 2017.

As part of Ellen DeGeneres‘ 60th birthday celebration, the former First Lady appeared on Thursday’s episode of The Ellen Show, her first TV interview since leaving the White House last year. During the interview, Ellen asked about the seemingly awkward gift exchange between Melania and Michelle before the 2017 Inauguration.

“Hey, I have a question and I think a lot of people have the same question. So, when the transfer was happening, when Donald Trump and his wife were moving into the White House, there was a gift exchange,” Ellen said.

George Clooney First Met Amal Clooney Without Having to Leave the House

Last June, George’s father Nick Clooney told People that he and his wife Nina Clooney were with the actor on the day he met Amal. He said she had tagged along to a dinner gathering with mutual friends in 2013.

“Nina and I were actually the ones who answered the door when Amal came in,” Nick said. “She introduced herself to us and we talked. She was obviously very charming, gorgeous and so clearly accomplished, but by the time we had supper that night, it was clear there was a kindness to her and an inclusiveness.”

“By the end of supper, I started looking over at Nina and saying, ‘Look ouuuut, this could be trouble for this young man!'” he said.

Survivor Season 36 Castaways Revealed: Meet the Ghost Island Contestants

“Survivor continues to be a complicated game of social politics and everything rests on one’s ability to make the right decision at the right time,” host and executive producer Jeff Probst said in a statement. “This season, Ghost Island serves as a constant reminder that one bad decision can haunt a player forever.”

Click through our gallery below to meet the 20 castaways competing on Ghost Island, and then head on down to the comments to let us know which competitor you’d put money on.

Grey’s Anatomy Admits Candis Cayne for “Groundbreaking” Season 14 Transgender Storyline

Grey’s Anatomy remains committed to telling stories involving the transgender community in season 14.

E! News has confirmed that the long-running ABC medical drama has cast Candis Cayne in a multiple-episode arc to air later this season. The actress and former I Am Cait star will play a transgender patient who arrives at Grey Sloan Memorial seeking what is being described as a “groundbreaking” vaginoplasty surgery. 

Per The Hollywood Reporter, who first broke news of Cayne’s casting, the character is inspired by a story of Hayley Anthony, a transgender woman who helped Jess Ting, the director of surgery at the Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery at Mount Sinai, create a groundbreaking new procedure for vaginoplasty surgeries. 

Pretty Little Liars’ Sasha Pieterse & Janel Parrish Welcome Sofia Carson to The Perfectionists’ Family

Sofia Carson is part of the family now! 

It was recently announced that the Disney star joined the Pretty Little Liars’ spinoff The Perfectionists, and the OG cast members have already welcomed her with arms wide open. 

“Welcome to the fam @SofiaCarson,” Sasha Pieterse tweeted

While once former A, Janel Parrish tweeted saying, “Welcome to the fam @SofiaCarson.”

Fans are ecstatic about the new addition to the Freeform franchise. The 24-year-old actress addressed the exciting news with a perfectly planned boomerang on Instagram where we see the star leaning on a Pretty Little Liars golf cart and doing the show’s signature pose.

Is Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle’s Style in Sync? Here’s the Pint-Sized Proof

When it comes to royal style, Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton and Meghan Markleare officially on the same page. 

As the expectant mom stepped out on Tuesday for the first day of her and Prince William‘s four-day tour of Sweden and Norway, Middleton’s hand was noticeably full. The future mother of three was toting Mulberry’s Mini Seaton style black top-handle handbag with gold detailing—an atypical choice for the British fashion icon. 

“Kate is well-known for carrying clutch handbags at royal events, so seeing her with a new Mulberry handbag is definitely a change,”  What Would Kate Do Editor Christine Ross explained to E! News, noting the Duchess of Cambridge memorably sported a Chanel handheld purse in Paris early last year in one limited instance. She brought the burgundy and gold designer purse back out again on Wednesday as she visited Stockholm. 

Royal fashion experts like Ross noticed Middleton’s newfound penchant for pint-sized purses with handles and likened the accessory choice to Meghan Markle‘s recent handbag selections. 

How Hailee Steinfeld Played Matchmaker for Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas

Did you know Hailee Steinfeld played a part in getting Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas together?

The actress, singer and model sat down with Nova 96.9‘s Smallzy during which she opened up about her influence on the Game of Thrones star’s engagement to the DNCE frontman.

It all started when Steinfeld worked with Jonas and DNCE on their hit “Rock Bottom” in 2015 after which Turner asked for some input on the hunky singer.

“I mean, I will say, I did get that text from Sophie being like, ‘So tell me about Joe,’ and I was like, ‘Go for it,'” Steinfeld recalled.

Angelina Jolie Urges NATO to Focus on Sexual Violence Against Women

It seems Angelina Jolie is on somewhat of a political tour—and it had nothing to do with last night’s State of the Union.

From visiting a Syrian refugee camp with daughters Shiloh Jolie-Pitt and Zahara Jolie-Pitt, to meeting France’s First Lady Brigitte Macron to discuss the Syrian war, to speaking at NATO Headquarters in Brussels on Wednesday, Jolie continues to use her public platform and voice for good.

As UNHCR Special Envoy and co-founder of Preventing Sexual Violence in Conflict Initiative, Jolie visited NATO headquarters to discuss the ongoing problem of sexual violence in conflict zones. Jolie joined a conversation between NATO representatives and the UN Refugee Agency.

In a press conference following the confidential meeting, Jolie said, “Violence against women and children, particularly sexual violence, is an increasing feature of conflict…This is rape used as a weapon to achieve military or political goals. It affects men and boys as well as women and girls.”

She hopes that the work they are doing will lead to better “training, reporting, monitoring and awareness” as a way to end the horrors women and children have faced in war zones.

Nina Dobrev Fulfills Young Cancer Survivor’s Make-a-Wish Dream With a Helicopter Tour of Los Angeles

Nina Dobrev just made this young cancer survivor’s dreams come true!

When the Vampire Diaries star found out that Hannah Stever wanted to see Los Angeles for the first time, she decided to give her the full experience…With a helicopter tour!

Nina took to Instagram yesterday to gush over their “incredible day” together.

Sharing a photo collection of the adventure, Nina wrote, “Hannah had a wish. Today we surprised her and made it come true. @MakeAWishCA introduced us, but I wanted to make sure that her first trip to California be even more memorable than just hanging out with boring old me.”