5 Times Kim Zolciak-Biermann Clapped Back After Being Scrutinized for Her Parenting Style

Dog Days of Snapchat: Back in June of 2016, Kim took to Snapchat to show videos of her daughter Ariana Biermann wearing an electric dog collar. Kim’s husband Kroy Biermann proceeded to shock his stepdaughter because she said she would do it in exchange for hanging out with her friends. When some followers expressed their concern, Kim replied, “She’ll do anything to hang out with her friends. Anything—a dog collar. Eat poop, eat poop.”

Gloves Are Off: Just days after the dog collar controversy, Kim posted video of her two youngest sons being handcuffed on Snapchat. “Do I put dog collars on my kids, but I put handcuffs too,” she shared with video of the boys having fun in their pajamas. “KJ’s trying to pick the lock.” Instead of focusing on “haters” who were questioning the acts, Kim decided to document her trip to Costco.