79 Marvel Cinematic Universe Stars Unite for One Epic Class Photo

In October 2017, 79 actors and filmmakers from across the Marvel Cinematic Universe came together in Atlanta to celebrate 10 years of movie-making history, beginning with 2008’s Iron Man. “I literally am in dead center in the front row,” says Robert Downey Jr., who made Tony Stark a film legend. “I’m looking around going, ‘Any one of these people could be dead center.”

Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, admits it’s atypical to have so many stars in one room. “It felt like being at the Academy Awards or something. Every person had been in one or all of my favorite films,” he explains. “I think everyone was aware this was coming to a close. We’d all been on this remarkable journey together. There was a huge excitement and buzz to that day.”

Tom Holland, who joined the MCU as Spider-Man in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, was wide-eyed as ever. “There was like a sea of people who I’d grown up watching in one place hanging out,” he said. Even Don Cheadle, who’s been playing War Machine for eight years, admitted, “There’s a ton of fanboy-ing and fangirl-ing going on in that room with each other.” Chris Pratt, who plays Star-Lord, said it was a “dream come true” to be in everyone’s company.