Amy Schumer Weighs in on Aziz Ansari Allegations and Sexual Misconduct

Amy Schumer, a victim of sexual assault, says she is “in the middle” when it comes to her stance on her friend Aziz Ansari‘s alleged inappropriate behavior with a woman.

Earlier this month, an unidentified female photographer said in an online interview that she felt “violated” during a 2017 date with Ansari. The Master of None actor and comedian said after the article was published that he and a woman had gone on a date and engaged in sexual activity, “which by all indications was completely consensual,” and that she texted him the next day to tell him that “although it may have seemed okay, upon further reflection, she felt uncomfortable.”

The article prompted fresh debate about what constitutes sexual misconduct amid ongoing discourse about the issue, spurred by assault and harassment allegations made against a slew of powerful men in and outside of Hollywood

“I’ve been flat-out raped,” Schumer said on Katie Couric‘s podcast, in an episode released on Thursday. “But there are so many other kinds of- there’s so much other sexual misconduct.”

In her 2016 memoir The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo, Schumer writes about losing her virginity to a guy who had sex with her “without asking first, without kissing me, without so much as looking me in the eyes—or even confirming if I was awake.” 

“We’ve all, every woman I know, every woman in this room, we’ve all had these experiences and I think in some ways, in this current climate, it brings these things up and you go, ‘God, none of that was OK,'” Schumer told Couric. “And I’m somebody who journals, I kept journals and I read back and I go, ‘I just feel so bad for that girl. Why didn’t you get up and leave?’ And sometimes, you do and sometimes you just do it.”