Backstage Beauty: Zendaya’s Hairstylist on How to Get Ready Faster

On one hand, you want to wear a red carpet-worthy hairstyle like Zendaya‘s cornrow braids. On the other, you have to leave for work or school in ten minutes. Say good-bye to the style that will make your crush swoon and hello to that messy bun—the struggle is real.

Unless, of course, you have Kérastase Celebrity Hairstylist Jennifer Yepez at your side. With Zendaya, Hailey Baldwin, Emily Ratajkowski, Salma Hayek and Jessica Alba as clients, this beauty pro knows how to get remarkably beautiful looks done fast. These ladies have places to go and people to meet.

“Sometimes the look you need to create takes two hours, but you only have 30 min to finish the look,” she told E! News. “When this happens, you have to choose what the necessary steps are and what steps can you leave out, all while still getting the same outcome.”