Celebrity Fashion Week Trends You Need to Copy Now

Red alert: It’s time to hit refresh on your wardrobe.

The weather is changing, and just as you start to pull out those garments for the sunny days ahead, New York Fashion Week is giving life to new styles and trends. From bold accessories to swoon-worthy silhouettes, the runway inspires fashion lovers with designers’ interpretation of modern style. It’s a spectacle, and while many shows are deemed ready-to-wear, what comes down the runway isn’t always wearable.

This is why street style is important. The stylists of celebs and top models work hard to translate the clothing we see on the runway into wearable looks, so shoppers can gage which trends work for their wardrobe. From the ultra-cool looks of Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin to Olivia Palermo ‘s feminine and casual style, there is something for everyone on the streets of NYC this week.