Fear the Walking Dead Welcomes Morgan and Completely Reinvents Itself in Season 4 Premiere

So now we know how Morgan got from Virginia to Texas to join Fear the Walking Dead. And it turned out to just be a whole lot of walking.

In the season four premiere of the series, the spinoff to the wildly successful The Walking Dead, former TWD series regular Lennie James made his debut. And much like the show itself, his character made a fresh start for himself after secluding himself in Jadis’ trash heap home in the final moments of TWD’s season eight finale, which preceded the premiere. 

After some visits from buddies Jesus (Tom Payne), Carol (Melissa McBride) and even Rick (Andrew Lincoln) himself, trying to convince the tortured soul to return to the community, he took off for parts unknown, eventually landing in Texas, where he befriended Garret Dillahunt‘s gun-slinging John and Maggie Grace‘s stoic journalist Althea, themselves newcomers to the series as well.