From Fake Royal Jewels to Lunch Break Capes: Crazy Facts About The Crown’s Costumes

When it comes to convincingly portraying a real-life person, a lot comes down to the costume. 

The cast of The Crown can certainly agree.  For two seasons so far, the Netflix series has dazzled fans by recreating—to an artistic degree—the life and times of Queen Elizabeth II, first as a newly married princess, and swiftly as Britain’s new monarch. 

With all of the famous faces that come with Elizabeth’s story, among them Prince PhilipPrincess MargaretWinston Churchill and even Jacqueline Kennedy, the small screen retelling has been packed with actors and actresses who have managed to transport viewers back to 1950s and 1960s England. Part of the credit for that magic is due to Michele Clapton and Jane Petrie, costume designers for the first and second seasons respectively. 

Through their immense talents and skill, a hefty amount of research, some creative license, a degree of television trickery and being able to roll with the sartorial punches, the women and their teams have dressed the show’s stars for 20 hours of Emmy-nominated footage.