Here’s How Rose Leslie Stops Kit Harington From Spoiling Game of Thrones’ Final Season

The conversation about Kit continued, but the subject shifted to last year’s April Fools Day. Seth held up a photo from that fateful day, which led Rose to recount the nasty prank Kit played on her when she returned home after six months of filming The Good Fight in New York.

“I basically had ordered a Brita filter the day before, and I was very excited about its arrival, and I had been on the internet looking at the different models and couldn’t wait for filtered water. So, I went downstairs to the fridge and I was getting ready to have my glass of water, first one of the day…and then as I turn my attention back to the fridge, I see this terrifying head staring back at me, and I don’t necessarily recognize its him, but I just know that somebody’s bloodied in my fridge.”

Even though Rose has never been one to play pranks on April 1st, we hope that she chooses to celebrate the holiday this year. If Kit thinks he knows what’ll happen, we’re here to say, you know nothing, John Snow!

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