How Much Reality TV Contestants Actually Make (If Anything)

How willing are you to leave your job, friends, family and ordinary routine for several weeks? Would you need to be compensated for your time off at work? And how about not having access to a phone, computer or any form of technology? 

When a person decides to sign up for a reality competition show, they are not just participating in a weekly 42-minute episode of TV; they are basically signing up for a 24/7 job in the hopes of winning a prize. Maybe it’s monetary. Maybe it’s a car. Maybe it’s bragging rights. Maybe it’s just getting on TV. 

But is it actually worth it when it comes to the pay check? it all depends on which show you go on, as some don’t even pay their contestants at all.

We did some investigating and here’s what some of the biggest reality shows on TV pay their contestants: