Is Brad Pitt Looking to Follow George Clooney’s Road to Happiness?

But while Amal certainly qualifies as someone who’s more famous now (she’s only on the May 2018 cover of Vogue, no big deal), she already had international renown—and a select celebrity following—as a London barrister and tireless human rights advocate. 

Her life has changed since she and Clooney were fixed up by a very discerning mutual friend, but the job remains the same. Once you sift past the headlines about her enviable leopard-print dress or flawless leather trench, you can read all about how she’ll be representing two Reuters journalists imprisoned in Myanmar who were charged with violating the Official Secrets Act while there reporting on the ongoing humanitarian crisis affecting the country’s Rohingya minority.

So, Amal Clooney’s wearing a few hats. And George Clooney couldn’t admire her more.