John Cena Plays His Entire Family (And Slimes and Kisses Himself) for Kids’ Choice Awards

“Well, he hasn’t returned my calls. Or texts. DMs, or Insta—maybe he’s phone’s broken, but there’s going to be so many stars there,” Cena tells his family. Jace Norman of Henry Danger will be there, to the delight of Joan Cena.

The Cena family is truly a sight to behold.

“It’s an awesome show!” Cena told E! News about the upcoming awards show. “It is like the thrill of being in a WWE show, which is the thing I enjoy the absolute most, and Kids’ Choice Awards is that thrill and that experience. Nickelodeon’s production value is amazing. Every show is just outstanding and what they do for the kids in the audience and the kids at home is spectacular. The show is for the kids and so designed for the audience absolutely and it’s so fun. You get to be a big kid.”