Kaylin Jurrjens Takes Motherhood for a Test Drive on WAGS Atlanta: “I Think This Is a Sign I’m Supposed to Be a Mom”

For now, it was just a test run filled with toys, Cheetos and a little attitude from Harrison.

“Harrison is really sassy. She’s not afraid to really tell me the truth,” Kaylin exclaimed.

After getting Harrison up on to a big girl chair, it was time for some girl talk. Well, Kaylin did most of the talking though Harrison did have a few “oohs” and “aahs” to add to the conversation.

With all disasters avoided, Kaylin took her successful babysitting experience as a sign that motherhood is in her future.

“Girl, I think this is a sign I’m supposed to be a mom,” Kaylin told the tutu-clad toddler.

Watch Kaylin get her mom on in the clip above.