Kourtney Kardashian’s House Gets Invaded by Mating Tarantulas and Honestly It’s Terrifying

“I’m so scared of it. It’s so big!” Larsa screams.

Kourtney decides to calls the exterminators to let them know the problem hasn’t been fixed. “There’s a tarantula currently…it’s insane. There’s one right now, we’re looking right at it,” she tells pest control.

The pest control employee assures Kourtney they’ll send someone out but warns her that it is tarantula mating season so it may take multiple sprays to solve the problem. But just as he tries to put Kourt’s mind at ease, she and Larsa spot another giant spider and run inside the house!

“Kourtney, I’m leaving!” Larsa yells. “I promise I’m going back to Beverly Hills. This Wild, Wild West is not for me!”