Kris Jenner Falls Into Chrissy Teigen’s Table and Breaks It

Ouch! That must have hurt.

Kris Jenner fell into Chrissy Teigen‘s table during the supermodel’s Sunday night Super Bowl party—and she totally broke it.

“If anyone’s in the market for a slightly used table, the Kris Jenner actually just fell into it….It’s customized,” Teigen said in a Snapchat video.

Jenner, who can be seen holding a bag of ice in the video, was able to laugh off the fall.

“It’s very, extremely valuable now,” she teased. “If anyone wants to make a bid on this, we’re willing to let it go.”

Inspecting the location of the casualty, Teigen ran her finger across the splintered edge of the table and said, “It’s so sharp. I can’t believe it.”