Law and Order: SVU’s Midseason Cliffhanger Is Benson’s Worst Nightmare

Olivia Benson’s worst nightmare just happened. At the end of “Intent,” the Law & Order: SVU midseason finale about an elaborate online catfishing that resulted in a social media star (Gage Golightly) getting raped by a famous fighter (Steve Howey), Mariska Hargitay‘s Benson received the call every parent fears: Noah (Ryan Buggle) is missing.

The episode featured Hargitay’s character lay down the law with Sheila (Brooke Shields), Noah’s maternal birth grandma after Sheila told Noah about his birth mother. The two reached an understanding of sorts and Benson agreed to let Sheila take Noah shopping for a winter coat. While in the clothing store, a hooded figure watched as Noah tried on coats. When Sheila turned her back to get Noah a coat with a smaller hood, the hooded figure seemingly pounced. We’re saying seemingly because SVU loves their twists. A panicked Sheila then made the call to Benson.