Meet the Stylist and Personal Shopper Beyoncé Hired for Blue Ivy

Blue Ivy Carter‘s style captures the essence of Black Girl Magic, and it’s not by accident.

Beyoncé, a pop star icon and mother of three, enlists the help of Manuel A. Mendez, who has been an employee of her company, Parkwood Entertainment since 2009. The executive-assistant-turned-stylist acts as the curator of the six-year-old’s wardrobe and brains behind her epic looks.

His most recent stunner: Blue Ivy’s golden, ruffled dress at the Wearable Art Gala. Although the girl makes the dress, not the other way around, this epic look most likely played a role in the first grader’s $19,000 bid. When you’re pop culture royalty and dripping in gold, go big or go home, right?