MTV’s Ex On the Beach Is Reality TV Whac-A-Mole That You’ll End Up Enjoying (and Hating Yourself for It)

A reality TV orgy is going down tonight on MTV.

OK, not an actual orgy, but a bunch of reality TV shows your friends and family judge you for watching are coming together for Ex On the Beach, MTV’s latest reality dating series that blindsides a bunch of horny (for romance and Instagram followers!) TV personalities by bringing their exes to the party. As you can probably imagine, highbrow entertainment this is not. And yet we will probably watch every episode because we sometimes treat our brains like a garbage disposal. Hey, nobody’s perfect (aside from Beyoncé). 

For each cast members’ entrance, producers had the singles and exes pop up out of the ocean like literal moles from that Whac-A-Mole game you couldn’t resist every time you went to an amusement park as a kid. Just see the tweet below for evidence.