Olympian Gus Kenworthy Plans to Rescue More Dogs From Pyeonchang After 2014 Sochi Efforts

Gus Kenworthy really is the Olympic gift that keeps on giving. 

Four years after the freestyle skier returned from the 2014 Sochi Games with a group of stray puppies he rescued from the streets of Russia, Gus is headed to Pyeonchang with a similar heartwarming mission. Kenworthy told E! News he plans to shed light on South Korea’s dog meat trade by rescuing at least one of the estimated 2 million animals who are bred for human consumption in the country. 

“There’s a huge dog meat industry here that’s pretty inhumane,” Gus shared, “and I was working with the Humane Society International already on a campaign they were doing. But I would love to bring a dog back from here, or more than one dog, and sort of be able to use that adoption as a platform to spread awareness of the situation.”