Ronda Rousey Opens Up About Her Father’s Tragic Suicide on Hollywood Medium: “He Was the Best”

“My dad decided to take matters into his own hands ’cause he was in a huge amount of pain every day. He couldn’t work anymore. He felt like he was just a drag on the family. He was very much the person who takes care of everyone. He drove his car out and he put a hose in the exhaust,” Ronda reveals.

For the fighter, who was just eight years old at the time, her father’s passing was surreal.

“I remember that when he passed, I would try to just tell myself that he was on a business trip and he’d be back and that was my way to cope with it,” she says with tears in her eyes. “I wouldn’t be crying unless he was awesome. He was the best.” 

Watch Ronda open up in the emotional clip above.