The Grand Who Am I – Ups And Downs lyrics

It can be dark inside
Your life can sometimes slide
One thing that does remind
Pain means you’re still alive
As much as you may try
No guarantee you’ll get by
If they say so then it’s a lie
Magic beans that you should not buy
But the best thing in this life
If you can give it just a little more time
Good things do open up wide
Brief moments glorified

Some times, it helps to change your mind
Some times, the things that you want are keeping you blind

Ups and downs
Come around
Ups and downs
If you have enough time
Then what you’ll get is ups and downs

Sometimes it’s endless nights
Broken promises and tear filled eyes
Underneath a gray cloud sky
But above all that, the sun does fly
Do what you can to start to climb
Out of the hole release the binds
Not every step can turn out right
But don’t be afraid of another try
Grab a hold with all your might
Drink it down, enjoy the light
Spread your wings and take to flight
And don’t forget the beautiful sights