The Riverdale Secret to Cheryl Blossom’s Powerful Red Lip

In CW’s hit show Riverdale, Cheryl Blossom’s pout is the quintessential red lip.

Bright, perfectly lined with a satin finish—this character is lip goals. And while we were dying to know the product responsible, it turns the powerful pout has less to do with what is used and more to do with how it’s applied. Actress Madelaine Petsch, who plays the role of Cheryl, calls this behind-the-scenes beauty hack a “game changer” for her personal makeup routine.

“I don’t wear red lipstick often, but if I’m doing an event, when I put lipstick on—I don’t care if it already looks perfect—I’ll go around my lips with a concealer to perfect the line,” the new Bióre ambassador told E! News. “That’s something that my makeup artist does with my red lip, and it has changed the game. That’s why my red lip looks so good, because we always go around it with concealer.”