The Walking Dead Finally Ended Rick’s War With Negan–Not With a Bang, but a Whimper

They promised all-out war and they weren’t lying.

In the season eight finale of The Walking Dead, the seemingly never-ending battle between Rick Grimes (Andrew Lincoln) and Negan (Jeffery Dean Morgan)—and their respective armies, of course—finally did reach its climax. And it all ended up pretty much exactly as you thought it would, especially if you’ve ever checked out how this particular arc wrapped up in the show’s source material.

Negan thought he had Rick’s forces dead to rights, but he didn’t consider that Eugene (Josh McDermitt) might not be a total weasel and actually had a plan up his sleeve. That plan? When all the Saviors opened fire at once, all their guns backfired on them thanks to some sneaky bullet tampering. Well done, Eugene. It’s about time you proved you’re not totally worthless.