The Westworld Season 2 “Spoiler Video” Is Out, Complete With Evan Rachel Wood Singing a Very Familiar Song

The Westworld creators offered to spoiler the entire second season of their HBO drama in an effort to stop spoilers. Yeah, it was a head-scratcher—and turned out to be a joke.

In a Reddit post, co-creators Jonathan Nolan said he read the fan theories about Westworld over the first season, but they created a “larger problem for us, though, in terms of the way your guesswork is reported online.”

“‘Theories’ can actually be spoilers, and the line between the two is confusing. It’s something we’ve been thinking about since last season. The fans of Game of Thrones, for instance, rallied around and protected the secrets of the narrative in part because they already knew those secrets (through season 5),” he said in a note signed by himself and co-creator Lisa Joy.