Tyler Henry Gives David & Rosanna Arquette a Comforting Message From Their Late Sister Alexis on Hollywood Medium

“There’s a feeling of like, ‘I wish I could stick around longer because now like, this is when I would start having opportunities,'” Tyler adds.

That sentiment immediately clicks with David and Rosanna.

“We had a sibling that passed away a year ago yesterday. Alexis, who was our transgender sister,” Rosanna reveals. “Alexis came out 20-years ago and was the famous person who was a boy who wanted to be a girl and was a pioneer. I think it was sad because it’s more accepted now and Alexis would be doing such incredible work.”

Despite Alexis’ untimely passing, the medium says “there’s a feeling of acceptance.”

“The feeling with this is really like very much so wanting it to be known, ‘There’s a sense of peace before I pass.’ And a knowingness around this of, ‘I’m okay, I’m fine. I knew, I knew, I knew and I’m okay,'” Tyler says.

See the touching moment in the clip above.