Tyler Henry Gives Iggy Azalea Some News About Her Love Life on Hollywood Medium: “How Am I Going to Meet Anyone?”

She’s not completely confused when it comes to partners, however. “Even now, there is somebody that I’m seeing that I really like, but they’re far and it’s hard to get beyond that initial stage of interest,” she shares. “It’s hard to get beyond that surface level when somebody is so far and it seems like they’re always so far.”

As per usual, Tyler has a bit of insight from the beyond to give her some hope. “They are having me refer to this—again, I keep seeing this back and forth—and I think it could be referring to the current situation with someone being distanced,” he shares with her. 

“Decisively coming to the conclusion in your mind of like, ‘If it’s distance, it’s distance, are we okay with this?’ But there’s this feeling of needing to be closer for this to work in the long-run.” Looks like she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place, but Tyler might have what she needs to start making some progress.