Untangling Jodi Arias’ Lies: How She Got Caught in Her Own Web After the Murder of Travis Alexander

About 20 minutes after she was found guilty of first-degree premeditated murder for killing her ex-boyfriend, Travis AlexanderJodi Arias said that she understood why the jury didn’t believe her side of the story.

“I can understand that, I think, because…” the then 32-year-old Arias told Phoenix’s Fox 10 News on May 8, 2013. “The lies I told in the beginning to try to cover up this, cover up that, hide things that I didn’t want to be known, made public.”

And there were indeed some lies, to put it mildly. Arias would at first claim she had nothing to do with Alexander’s death, that she wasn’t even in town. Then she told police that intruders had broken into the house, murdered Travis and attacked her, but she got away. Once it became clear that she was going to be charged with murder, however, she claimed that she killed the 30-year-old legal services executive and motivational speaker in self-defense, that he had abused her during their relationship and she feared for her life.

Arias ultimately spent an unprecedented 18 days on the stand testifying during the trial. Her defense attorney ended up writing a tell-all book, losing his license in the process. Cable news had many a field day.

The web of falsehoods she wove during the course of the investigation both repulsed and fascinated a nation, which by saga’s end was wholly wrapped up in the Jodi Arias mess. Every element of the circus was in place. The defendant fielded marriage proposals while her defense team received death threats. A Lifetime movie, Jodi Arias: Dirty Little Secret, aired in 2013, about a month after she was convicted. And even then-civilian Donald Trump weighed in after finding out Arias was following him on Twitter.